Jessica Bogard working with a rural community in Bangladesh, adapting traditional recipes to improve the nutritional quality of complementary foods for infants and young children, using small indigenous fish (Photo: Jessica Bogard)

Bettina Grieve cleaning out fish ponds for her honours project on Laos which trialled fish tagging technology to investigate whether it would be a useful tool to evaluate fish movements in the Lower Mekong Basin (Photo: Bettina Grieve)

A farmer in West Timor, Indonesia, with a plot of forage legumes which he was growing as part of an Australian student's PhD research project (Photo: Skye Gabb)

Plant pathologist Lester Burgess travelling to the field in true Laos style (Photo: Madaline Healey)

Dave Gale working on a project to improve agricultural productivity in a naturally hostile soil using waste product from sugar manufacturing in Vietnam (Photo: Dave Gale)

Farmers in Eastern Indonesia with their maize (Photo: Skye Gabb)

Bali cattle being fed rice straw in Lombok, Indonesia (Photo: Di Mayberry)

Bonnie Flohr working in China (Photo: Bonnie Flohr)

ACIAR CEO Prof. Andrew Campbell with the RAID Committee (Back row L-R Jenny Hanks, Jack Hetherington, Di Mayberry, Emma Zalchman, Rebecca McBride, Prof Andrew Campbell; Front row L-R Skye Gabb, Rowan Smith, Jack Koci and David McGill) (Photo: RAID)

David McGill with colleagues working on an animal health project in Pakistan (Photo: David McGill)

Collecting climate data while children watch on, Flores Indonesia (Photo: Skye Gabb)

Taveuni, Fiji (Photo: Geoff Dean) 

Rowan Smith working with improved forages in South East Asia (Photo: Rowan Smith)

Di Mayberry working with local families in Lampung, Indonesia (Photo: Dahlanuddin)

Jenny Hanks working to improve livestock production in Myanmar (Photo: Jenny Hanks)

Weighing Bali calves in Lombok, Indonesia (Photo: Di Mayberry)

Sampling local food! (Photo: RAID)

Particiapnts in the 2015 RAID annual capacity building event (Photo: RAID)

Emma Zalchman working in India (Photo: Emma Zalchman)

Skye Gabb receiving a scarf as a gift from local farmers in Eastern Indonesia (Photo: Skye Gabb)